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Hawks Hill Ranch registered trademark
Premium Full-Blood Wagyu since 2015
Grazing 100% Full Blood Wagyu cattle

- Hawks Hill Ranch -

The owner of Hawks Hill Ranch had a vision: he wanted to raise cattle, but not typical cattle. He wanted to raise the BEST cattle: prime, 100% full-blood Japanese Wagyu. He knew that Hawks Hill Ranch would be the perfect setting to raise the finest tasting Wagyu beef.  Hawks Hill Ranch is located at an elevation of 6,100 feet in the beautiful South Fork Valley outside of Cody, Wyoming. The ranch consists of 1,200 acres of riverfront, expansive grazing pastures, irrigated pastures, mountain pastures, and corrals.

Our proximity to Yellowstone National Park puts Hawks Hill Ranch in the heart of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. We take great pride in our ability to raise 100% Full-Blood Wagyu cattle and operate our ranch within this ecosystem. We grow our own hay and maintain grazing pastures for the Wagyu, while making it our priority to preserve the integrity and natural beauty of this land.

Hawks Hill Ranch is a professional operation in a pristine setting committed to raising the BEST 100% Full-Blood Wagyu beef available. Fresh drinking water, shelters, green grass, hay, grain, and views that are second to none are made available to our Wagyu at all times. We raise happy, healthy, clean animals that produce beautifully marbled, 100% Wagyu beef.

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